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For nearly two decades, we have provided businesses and high net worth individuals with innovative financial and insurance solutions tailored to specific objectives and risk tolerance.

Our Vision

To be the preferred, reliable and trusted financial planners. Dedicated to educating, serving and protecting families and businesses with the best solutions.

Our Mission

To continuously strive to meet the needs of our clients.

To provide professional advice and personalized service at all times.

Remain innovative, reliable and competitive.


Our core values

Provide prompt
and effective

Build lasting relationship with clients

satisfaction and

Have technical and professional competence


Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and answers which may be of use to you.

Be a Client

I want to sign up for an insurance plan with CJ Leo Agency. What do I need to do?

Contact us directly at cjleoagency@yahoo.com or call us, our experts will contact you.

Which plan is right for me?
The best plan for you will be determined by your financial goals and affordability. Contact us for a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs.
Am I eligible to be insured? Is insurance expensive?
Each insurance application is assessed for insurability based on a person’s lifestyle, age, occupation, health profile and premium.
Is Takaful only for Muslims?
No, Takaful is open to all, including non-Muslims.
What is a will?
A will is a legal declaration in which a person specifies how their assets are to be distributed after their death.
What are the advantages of having a will written?
  • They speed up the court process with lower cost.
  • The testator (the person writing) decides who gets what.
  • The testator can determine who should take care of minor children.
  • The testator has the right to name an executor of his/or her choice.

Be an Agent

What are the requirements to become A Life Planning Advisor?
  • A Minimum age of 18 years.
  • Completed SPM/MCE with at least five passes including Bahasa Malaysia or equivalent educational qualification.
  • Pass Pre-Contract Examination (PCIL).
What is my career path at CJ Leo Agency?
From an agent to a SELF producer or A-Leader. With your commitment, we assure you the support you need.
How can I apply?

You can send your Resume/CV to cjleoagency@yahoo.com or call us.

Can I join on a part-time basis?
You are welcome to join us on a part-time basis. However, most of our agents have chosen to work full-time as insurance agents so that they can devote their full time to developing a successful career.
How much will I get paid?

Your income will be commission-based. The more sales you make, the more commissions you will receive. For more information, please contact us – cjleoagency@yahoo.com or call us.

Will I get training?
Yes, you will. CJ Leo Agency adheres to the highest training and industry standards to ensure your development.